We’re a team of experts with more than 25+ years of experience within home & living.

Our team of product designers closely cooperate wit our partners on new collections with a purpose: brand value, profict and revenue growth. The results of this process can be found in more than 300 showroom within Europe. We deliver high quality furniture at affordable prices.

Multifurn has a significant marketshare within the Home & Living branche. We are always going to go the extra mile for our clients. The focus for the upcoming period of time will be on digital transformation such as digital integrations, modern content creation and product marketing data. This transformation will further contribute to the growth of Multifurn for existing and new partners.

Reach out to one of our team members and collaborate on your own personal collections of furniture and accessories. Our team does not only help with the collection, but also keeps in mind the scalability of the collaboration. Purchase your exclusive collection at our shop or become inspired during a visit to our showroom in Rotterdam.

”We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home, that is why we have been designing and developing elegant furniture for the Home & Living sector for over 25 years. ”

Pieter van Reeuwijk, Founder

Going the extra mile

As every other company Multifurn has known ups & downs. Since 2016 the company has grown 400% over a period of 3 years. This growth resulted in a FD Gazelle Award. It characterizes Pieter to never give up and focus on optimizing market and partner needs.

Interiorshops, restaurants, hotels & online

Our expertise is focused on delopving a unique collection and look&feel for our partners within interior shops, restaurants, hotels and online.


We have an extensive choice of products withion the categories dining chairs, arm chairs, sofas, cabinets, beds and decoration. Together we can build an all round collection.


We provide our partners with a full service logistics solution. We will take care of importing the products to the Netherlands, have samples availbale in our showroom and cna deliver to warehouses or dropshipment.

The Multifurn team

Pieter van Reeuwijk
Toon Ciolina
Lex van der Hoek
Stefan Beek
Ayla van Olphen

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